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  МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЕ соревнования

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 2008 июля 14-27: Средиземноморские Международные Встречи и Соревнования по дисциплинам "в глубину" / Mediterranean International Depth Competition

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2008 июля 14-27: Средиземноморские Международные Соревнования по дисциплинам "в глубину" /

Mediterranean Freediving Meeting,
Mediterranean International Depth Competition. AIDA.

Дисциплины "в глубину": CWT / CNF / FIM

Организатор: Stavros Kastrinakis & Co



Расписание / Calendar:

· 14th July — 18th July AIDA 4* Course Organized by Fred Buyle and Stavros Kastrinakis
· 16th July Evening  Presentation of the Malpelo Hammerhead Shark Project by Fred Buyle
· 20th July No — Limits National Record attempt by Stavros Kastrinakis
· 19 July — 25 July AIDA Instructor Course Organized by Fred Buyle
· 21st July Start of the second week of the Mediterranean Freediving Meeting. Meeting and Barbeque Party in the Evening
· 22nd July Evening Presentation by William Winram on the South Africa Tiger Shark expedition

25 - 27 July 2008  ДНИ СОРЕВНОВАНИЙ / Competition Day`s  CWT/FIM/CNF

25 - CWT
26 - FIM
27 - CNF


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